The Fold currently has the following permanent positions open. (Note: THESE ARE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS, INDIVIDUALS WILL NEED TO RAISE THEIR OWN SUPPORT.)

If you are qualified and interested, please contact us at Information from The Fold.

School Teachers – able to teach multiple subjects to grades R-7. (Long term of at least a yearly basis, at least two teachers, year round school starts in January and ends late November.) At this point, we are still in the process of building the school.

Retired school teachers for short term. (especially the end of November – mid January. We have year round school, and we need extra schooling during the school breaks)(check with us for dates of other breaks.)

*School Administrator (Long term, would be in charge of setting up and running a private school)

*Counsellor/child psychologist (Need a permanent person, as it takes a while to build trust with a child who has been abused and/or neglected)

*Nurse (Long term, at this point we only have 15 children on site, but as we grow, will have more of a need. The nurse would also be responsible for getting children to doctor’s appointments within a 1-3 hour drive, depending on what the issue is. Also responsible for handling HIV drugs and overseeing administration of them)

*Music Person (could be short or long term, we just want our children exposed to music and to learn an instrument if at all possible)

*Sports Director (short or long term, we are in the process of setting up a regulation size soccer/rugby field, we already have a netball/basketball court)

*Security  (Long term, gate security, CCTV monitoring, fence patrol of about 85 acres)(could also do handy man work on the property)

*Life Skills Training Coordinator (could be long or short term)

...really the list is endless! If a household would need it - we need it! While we are working to have a better plan for things like sports and life skills training, etc., we have so much to focus on we just can't do it as well as we would like. 


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